Progimpex, FFP 2 MASKS, Covid-19

To our valued Partners, Customers, Suppliers

We hope that you, your families and colleagues are healthy and safe.

The impact of COVID19 is affecting us all.

We at Progimpex as well as our families are all safe.
We decided to go in lockdown and self quarantine early March all ready.  

However our productions are not affected anymore so far. After a short total lockdown In China we resumed work and containers are exporting as scheduled.

Beside China we also produce in other countries.

Untill now there is no impact on our supply chain.

In Belgium we decided to stay safe and stay home.  Therefore no appointments with customers and suppliers are scheduled until further notice.

Our production capabilities remain unaffected until now.

We are permanent reachable:

  • Phone: +32 (0) 471 41 7123
  • Email:
  • Skype: promotionalgadgets
  • Whatsapp: +32 (0) 471 41 7123


Due to the severe COVID19 situation we tried to recognize the worldwide demand for Masks.
We could supply N95 – FFP 2 masks in bigger quantities only.  We will only supply Governments, Hospitals, Medical Companies. 

Please contact us for more information:

We will work together with you as much as possible during these challenging periods.

Above all the safety and well-being is our primar concern.

#Staysafe #Stayhome

Sabrina Maes
General Manager Progimpex


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